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Maintenance Planning Document B737 700 ##BEST##

"Effectively operating and delivering a fleet of safe and reliable aircraft is our utmost priority and this starts with maintenance. IFS gives us the peace of mind and control we need to not only maximize the airtime of our fleet but deliver what is important to our customers - on-time flights and a great travel experience," said Landon Nitschke, Southwest Airlines Senior Vice President, Technical Operations. "The value of IFS does not stop at aircraft maintenance - the solution's open architecture means we have embedded it and made it an integral component of our enterprise-wide IT ecosystem. With careful planning and preparation, we are proud to have successfully undertaken the largest single MRO system migration in the history of our industry."

Maintenance Planning Document B737 700

b. Follow-on Training. COMNAVAIRESFOR (N36) is currently evaluating formal organizational level maintenance, Pilot, and enlisted aircrew follow-on training. Current planning calls for both TAR and SELRES maintenance personnel to attend formal training for attainment of the C-40A NEC per the MTRRs of March 1999 and August 2000. Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD) (3.4.3) is currently working with COMNAVAIRRESFOR to incorporate C-40A Aircrew Coordination Training (ACT) into the Command Aircraft Crew Training (CACT) contract. The C-40A (pilot) contract has been awarded to FSBTI (Boeing) and is in the final stages of course development. The C-40A (maintenance) Request for Proposals has been released and the Statement of Work has been submitted and approved by the Type Commander. Contract award is anticipated during the second quarter FY01. The C-40A CACT does not call for Navy specific ACT training. Contact NAWCTSD (3.4.3) for further information regarding the current status of the CACT contract.

3. Technical Data Plan. Applicable technical documents will be furnished in commercial format with an assigned Naval Air Systems Command number to facilitate updating and maintenance of manuals. The range of manuals furnished will provide the information required supporting the C-40A organizational level maintenance program.

Together we will explore aircraft utilisation and trends and manage maintenance costs and maintenance funds. You can trust our comprehensive maintenance planning documents (MPDs) to make sure you will always fulfil lease maintenance obligations.

Our aircraft records management facilities guarantee full traceability and accountability; you will have confidence in the integrity of all your maintenance, service, operational and storage documentation. Evidence of compliance with airworthiness directives or safety notices will be assured, and we support asset values during redeliveries, repossessions, and remarketing. 350c69d7ab


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