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Buy Unique Business Cards

At RockDesign, we take our customer's core business values and express them in a creative and visual manner. Our knowledgeable designers are trained specifically for our printing processes. They bring this perspective to produce high end designs that will yield optimal final results.

buy unique business cards

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Silk Matte business cards take your print from simple to stylish. The suede-like luxurious feel of this product will never be mistaken for an average coated card; the smooth finish will complement any design.

Saying that the best things in life come in small packages might sound outworn, but these mini business cards prove that sometimes less is more, and the best way to attract attention is not to go big, but to go small.

Duplex Business Cards are created by mounting two stocks of your choice together, to create a custom double thickness card. You can choose one of our popular combinations or let your creativity flow to make a truly unique business card!

Choose from a full range of over 100 different stocks to create your custom Triplex Business Business Card. The supreme thickness of your card will be sure to make an impression with everyone you meet. With so many combinations available, you have the freedom to design the most personalized business cards ever.

Timeless and traditional, Letterpress is one of the oldest forms of printing in the world. The uniquely crisp impression of Letterpress is highly sought after due to its precision and old-world charm. We continue to push the possibilities of this printing method to create new and exciting results.

Take your business cards to the next level with custom embossing! The raised impression of embossing adds class and finesse to your design. Not only is it a truly eye-catching effect, but will make an impact through the raised texture of the business card itself.

Set yourself apart from the standard rectangular card with a die-cut shaped business card! Guaranteed to make your branding stand out, we have a wide variety of pre-made shapes for you to choose from. Ranging from rounded corners to classic tickets, bite marks to bubbles, we have something to boost your brand.

Discover the exquisite qualities of 16pt Vibrant Gray, the smoothest of all our elegant Premium Gray stocks. The 18pt Cool Gray offers a more individual tone and more papery texture, while 18pt Dark Gray boasts a gorgeous shadowy shade with a natural feel. Our 20pt Gray Pulp is made from 90% recycled content and possesses the same unique texture of our other Pulp stocks but in a beautiful gray colour.

Promote, educate or advertise with multipurpose, custom posters. Available in various size, stock, coating, and thickness options, our unique, vibrant posters are made to grab the attention of passersby.

Do you need a promotional product that is designed to stand out? With five different options to choose from our mini brochures are a perfect option if you are looking for something compact while maintaining a cute, contemporary look that will stand out to your client. As one of our more versatile options we think these are perfect for businesses like photography studios, bakeries, florists, and believe they are excellent options for rate cards and special announcements.

Providing space to write a message, add an amount, or subtly display bits of your brand, gift card holders are the perfect packaging for any gift card. These small, often pocket-sized folders are made for convenience while being a unique extension of your brand!

Whether a birthday, holiday, or wedding, celebrate every occasion with custom greeting cards. Available in various sizes, our greeting cards are printed in full color on a selection of our premium stocks.

Branding is of the utmost importance to your company - creating the highest quality letterheads is important to ours. Let us provide you with polished letterheads produced to meet the standards and needs of your business.

Show you mean business with our Presentation Folders. Our folders are professional, stylish and will make a bold statement at your next event. They provide a neat and organized way to store important documents customized with your branding in high quality print.

From catalogs to yearly diaries, we offer a versatile book-making service that produces unique, stylish books. No matter the number of pages or your chosen stock, our perfect bound books have a sturdy, robust spine and are made to last!

Whether you want to bind your product catalogs or informative booklets, we provide our customers with perfect bound books. Unlike traditional saddle stitched method of binding, the perfect bound method is unique, stylish and gives your books a cleaner finish. With this versatile service, you can not only create catalogs and booklets but also storybooks, yearly diaries, and notebooks, which can be used in-store, at events and trade shows.

At Jukebox we believe anything is possible, and we're consistently breaking barriers within the print industry. Get inspired by a peek at our development projects - used to test out new print techniques and innovative ideas to make every product unique.

Want to make a standout first impression at events, meetings and more? Create business cards that you can confidently hand out to new customers and prospects. Pass them around at events to introduce yourself and your business, or add them to goodie bags, folders and more.

Think of the last time you met with a potential client or business partner. Was it easier to take the time to input phone numbers and emails into your phone? Or simply exchange business cards? The latter of course!

This eye-catching business card with raised spot gloss details features interesting patterns and color selections. As with all effective designs, it also conveys one key brand message: this is the point of origin of creativity of thought and uniqueness.

Like other examples in this list, this guitar instruction business card makes the most of the small space allotted by reminding the potential customer of the service or product offered. In this case, the use of UV spots (the shiny layers) in the form of different chords is an ingenious example that can serve as inspiration for your own clever idea.

IKEA is a brand known for its playful and colorful identity, so designer Joe Ling set out to create a business card that would reflect those values. Like the products IKEA is known for, the cards require interaction with other cards to assemble a final image, in this case, the IKEA logo.

If you think some of these business card ideas are a little off-the-wall, then take a look at this glow-in-the-dark design. Printed using phosphorescent ink, this card effectively gets the point across that you can call them at any hour of the night or day.

Another printing technique you can use to stand out is colorful edge painting. This business card for a social club, which was letterpressed on Muscletone French Paper, is unique in that the colors and materials work together to create a more memorable physical reminder of the brand.

If you believe that "less is more," these minimal business card ideas are perfect for you. Designed with lots of white space, clean and simple lines, and soothing color schemes, these business cards make your company look just as uncluttered and professional.

Like the brand it represents, this in-your-face modern business card design uses creative imagery, bold colors and a creative layout to grab your attention. Its expert use of white space and shadows also makes the design pop.

This minimal business card combines illustration and color for a sleek, playful design. Featuring negative space and natural elements, they work hand in hand to produce an eye-catching and memorable business card.

This unique business card immediately draws the eye as it entices viewers to pull out the card to discover something new. In just a single interaction, they are reminded of the need to take care of that pesky cavity and give the dentist a call.

The location-based social network Yik Yak created these memorable business cards that depart from the norm: Instead of the typical company information, they decided to create variations of cards with their favorite user quotes.

Resorting to alternative materials is another surefire way to stand out. Just take a look at this vertical card printed on custom thick paper. Laser-etched in custom relief design with cut-outs, this unique business card almost looks like a thin slab of rock.

In the right circumstances, you can also strike a cute and informal tone, as in this example of a business card with illustrations. The use of a vibrant color over a black-and-white photo also makes the design pop and stand out.

Yet another way to set yourself apart is to use heat-sensitive cards like the ones above, created for a photographer. These are particularly interactive and engaging as they allow customers to create their own images using the heat from their hands or face. The black turns to different shades of grey and finally white at body temperature.

This delightful die cut business card allows customers to actually make a small sculpture of a rabbit using the cut-out parts provided. This could be an effective idea for brands in the business of arts, crafts, and other hands-on hobbies.

One tried-and-true method for making connections with potential customers is to piggyback off of a name or interest that is more relatable to them. For example, the feeling of having in your hands a front-row seat ticket to a special event is bound to be more exciting than holding a plain business card.

This creative business card plays with perspective to get potential clients to do a double take. The lines and unconventional shape create the illusion of a 3D object which is actually two dimensional.

Create a business card that's as sophisticated, luxurious and classy as your business. These elegant business card ideas are timeless, and work best for fashion brands, luxury cars, hotels and similar industries. Get inspired by your favorite elegant business card idea below. 041b061a72


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