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Those who do not own the anniversary edition of the game can for limited time purchase the game at a discount. Those who own Surgeon Simulator 2013 can upgrade for 0.40/$0.60 and first timers can get Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition for 1.40/$2.


On Monday we challenged readers to watch a video of Bossa Studios' Surgeon Simulator 2013 without laughing, as the player's attempt to perform a heart transplant went horribly wrong. Now, thanks to the miraculous nature of the Internet, you can play the game for free on Kongregate. Turns out controlling the surgeon's hand movements is as hard as the video makes it look, as is trying not to laugh at your own feeble attempt to save your doomed patient. Check it out now, but be warned: Surgeon Simulator 2013 is not for the squeamish.

What a weird concept, performing surgery on a patient and getting into the nitty gritty. Simulation games are gaining popularity and why not simulate surgery? That's the reality with Surgeon Simulator 2013!In the game, you're Nigel Burke, a surgeon with a job to do. The game catapults you directly into the operating room where you're supposed to perform surgery on a virtual patient. The only thing you see is the patient and your controllable arm and hand.The game includes different tools, though it's difficult to control the hand of the surgeon, meaning you really have to work at being successful in this game.The audio in the game could use some work and the graphics are a little bit cartoonish; not something we've seen much of in the latest simulation games.Thankfully, the patients in the game are virtual, hence nobody is going to really get hurt :) Though still weird!Compatibility and LicenseIs Surgeon Simulator 2013 free to download?Surgeon Simulator 2013 is provided under a freeware license on Windows from simulation games with no restrictions on usage. Download and installation of this PC software is free and 4.0.1 is the latest version last time we checked.

When you start the game, Surgeon Simulator 2013 opens with music from the British hospital drama "Casualty" which continues throughout the game. You control the surgeon's hand with the mouse or keyboard but the first thing you'll notice Surgeon Simulator 2013 is extremely difficult to control. You control each finger separately which is tricky in itself but the hardest thing is actually picking-up tools and using them to heal and cut organs.

Surgeon Simulator is, if anything, a very inaccurate simulator wherein you control the hand of "surgeon" Nigel Burke, allowing you to attempt all kinds of bizarre operations. Since Nigel is apparently either suffering from a neurological disorder, coming down from the effects of anesthesia, or grossly incompetent, this mostly involves failing in hideous yet hilarious ways; as the first hurdles involve learning to grasp objects, it isn't hard to imagine the results you'll be seeing.

Surgery on the temporal bone is technically challenging due to its complex anatomy. Precise anatomical dissection of the human temporal bone is essential and is fundamental for middle ear surgery. We assessed the possible application of a virtual reality temporal bone surgery simulator to the education of ear surgeons. Seventeen ENT physicians with different levels of surgical training and 20 medical students performed an antrotomy with a computer-based virtual temporal bone surgery simulator. The ease, accuracy and timing of the simulated temporal bone surgery were assessed using the automatic assessment software provided by the simulator device and additionally with a modified Final Product Analysis Scale. Trained ENT surgeons, physicians without temporal bone surgical training and medical students were all able to perform the antrotomy. However, the highly trained ENT surgeons were able to complete the surgery in approximately half the time, with better handling and accuracy as assessed by the significant reduction in injury to important middle ear structures. Trained ENT surgeons achieved significantly higher scores using both dissection analysis methods. Surprisingly, there were no significant differences in the results between medical students and physicians without experience in ear surgery. The virtual temporal bone training system can stratify users of known levels of experience. This system can be used not only to improve the surgical skills of trained ENT surgeons for more successful and injury-free surgeries, but also to train inexperienced physicians/medical students in developing their surgical skills for the ear.

We should point out that the Minecraft crossover is purely superficial, though; gamers should not expect anything close to Mojang's free-form experience in Goat Simulator. This is a game that revels in its flaws and goofy personality (read our review), and never purports to be anything but a fun distraction. Much like Surgeon Simulator 2013, the simulator moniker should not be taken seriously. Just a quick look at our gameplay video for the game will tell you that. 041b061a72


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