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Office 2013 Portable: The Ultimate Guide to Using Word, Excel and PowerPoint on Any Device

so i now have a pc, mac, and iphone. office 365 is the perfect way to share the burden. if your old pc doesn't run windows 10, then there are plenty of other options. you can just use office web apps. i bought a macbook air at the same time as my pc (although it was much cheaper on ebay than the pc) and i use that for the bulk of my work.

office 2013 portable word excel powerpoint


office 365 is a great idea and it would be the ideal way to go about it. if you have an old pc, then i would go for the home & business edition. it doesn't run on windows 10 but it still runs on windows 7 and 8.

if you decide to buy office 2013, then you need to make sure you have a windows 7 or 8 pc. if you have an older pc, then you should still be able to install it. you just need to make sure you have the right drivers. if you have a mac, then you can either purchase the mac version or, you can use the web apps. it's completely free and will allow you to access your documents.

this was not a thorough test, apps like frontpage or onenote were not evaluated. core apps such as word, excel, powerpoint, access and publisher work just fine on windows 10. by the way, i used windows 10 64 bit, so users won't have to worry about compatibility issues with this architecture. it remains to be seen if future updates to windows might break the suite. i will say, i used the rtm versions of each suite. so, i would recommend users of these versions make sure the latest service packs, updates and security updates are applied.

bill gates once said you could purchase a license for a version of any software from microsoft and never have to purchase another version. it is the responsibility of the company to make newer releases more enticing by adding further value through improved features and functionality. microsoft office has been one of the company's biggest successes. for more than 20 years, the company has released new revisions with unique features that make it an enticing upgrade. at the same time, there are users who fall in love with a revision and never decide to upgrade again, simply because that version is good enough.


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