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Oliver Mtukudzi, Tuku Music Full Album Zip [NEW]

it was a year later, however, that mtukudzi achieved his major international breakthrough, his song zimbabwe being chosen for the soundtrack of the controversial 1990 zimbwes first feature film of that name. the title track, which reached the top of the charts, went on to become the third most popular single of the decade in zimbabwe. the movie's release also coincided with the first of many major awards for mtukudzi, who became zimbabwe's artist of the year for 1990. not to be outdone, he went on to win the same award in 1992 and 1995. mtukudzi followed up zimbabwe with his 1993 album dzara dzara, a collection of duets with various zimbabweans, and the following year released a second film soundtrack, mazongonyedze. all that was achieved during a period of relative instability and the country's political turmoil, and the government's resulting repression. as the opposition leader morgan tsvangirai's mdc party became increasingly popular, mtukudzi, a longtime leader of the zimbabwe african peoples union (zapu), the country's major opposition party, felt increasingly threatened. he, like other leading oppositionists, was arrested in december 2000, and the following month the government declared the entire zapu to be illegal. he was freed in july 2001, after serving a lengthy sentence for exercising his constitutional right to freedom of expression. two years later, he was again arrested, this time for sedition and had to be released after international pressure. more arrests followed and he was eventually acquitted of all charges in 2004.

Oliver Mtukudzi, Tuku Music full album zip

as zimbabweans celebrate its 27th anniversary of independence and prepare to mark the 30th anniversary of tuku music, mtukudzi will be doing what he's always done best: crafting musical magic from his legions of loyal fans. he will spend the year performing at a series of concerts, including an appearance in monte carlo, and will release his first new album in four years, which will be his 14th overall. it will be released in september by his own label, what next music and is expected to include several new recordings.


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